Linksys RE6400 Setup

Got your hands on RE6400, a WiFi range extender by the renowned brand Linksys? You have made a wise choice. Linksys is known to fabricate its products with cutting-edge technology. To begin enjoying the lag-free internet connection, you first need to execute the Linksys RE6400 setup process.

If you have no clue about how to carry out the process, we can help. This page will walk you through easy-to-understand instructions to set up your extender.

Linksys RE6400 Setup

How to Perform Linksys RE6400 Setup?

Let us shed some light on the setup steps of a Linksys wireless range extender. In case it is an old router, make very sure that it runs on the factory settings before you proceed ahead.

Therefore, reset Linksys extender first and then for the further instructions given in this section.

1st Step: Place the Extender

Firstly, place the Linksys RE6400 extender near the host router. You ought to establish a connection between these two devices. So, placing them closer is necessary. Next, power down the router for some time.

2nd Step: Connect Extender to Router

Now, use an Ethernet cable and join the Internet port on the Linksys RE6400 to the LAN port on the host router. Be very sure that the connection between them is well intact.

3rd Step: Switch on the Devices

You should now switch on your devices. First, you should switch on the router and then the Linksys WiFi range extender. The power sockets in use should be able to supply consistent power supply to the devices. See to it that the power light located on the extender turns solid.

You would also require your PC to further complete Linksys WiFi extender setup. So, power it up as well.

4th Step: Access Extender’s Network

Connect the PC in use to the Linksys extender’s network now. The default WiFi name of the Linksys extender should be Linksys extender setup-xxx, wherein xxx are the last three characters of the Linksys extender’s MAC address. This can be found on the label at the back of the extender. The WiFi SSID and password information can also be found in the Linksys extender user manual.

5th Step: Go to Linksys RE6400 Setup Page

Run an internet browser on your PC now and type the login URL or the default IP address in its location bar. The moment you are done typing the URL or IP, press the Enter key. You will have the Linksys extender setup page displayed in front of you.

6th Step: Execute Setup Instructions

Keep executing the instructions as given below:

This completes the Linksys RE6400 setup process. You can now connect your client devices (computer, laptop, mobile phones, etc) to your extender’s WiFi. You can move your extender to a place where you want the existing WiFi signals to be extended. Bear in mind that the place you choose should sit within the boundary line of the router’s network.

Now, you can customize the settings of your Linksys extender as per your requirements. We recommend you check for a Linksys extender firmware update. You should keep the firmware on your Linksys extender updated with the most latest version to have an overall enhancement in its performance.

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