Linksys AC6600 Setup

Linksys AC6600 is a Velop mesh WiFi system that supports tri-band frequency and communicates via 802.11ax frequency. It is compatible with laptops, personal computers, smart televisions, and smartphones. It also comes with a built-in Linksys router firewall that prevents connected devices from virus attacks. If you are looking for some information setting it up in your house, read this page to complete Linksys AC660 setup effortlessly.

How to Set Up Linksys Velop AC6600 Mesh System?

You can set up the Linksys Velop system with the help of the Linksys application. Thus, before you start configuring your device, you should install the Linksys app on your mobile phone. Ensure that you get the latest version installed. Here’s how you can set up the Velop device:


Within a few minutes, you will be able to make your Velop mesh system up and running. This is to inform you that the app will also prompt you to change the location of Velop nodes after the setup process. Thus, do it accordingly to turn internet dead zones into fun zones.

Ensure to place your Velop nodes in an interference free zone so that all the areas of your house will get an internet connection.

How to Update Linksys AC6600 Firmware?

If automatic firmware updates are not activated on your Velop system, you can choose to complete the Linksys router firmware update manually. Here’s how:


Note: You should not unplug or restart your Linksys Velop node when the firmware of your Velop system is getting updated.

This is how you can upgrade the Velop AC6600 firmware using the mobile app. In case, you choose to update the firmware via the login portal, you find the Firmware Update option under Connectivity > Router Settings.

Linksys Velop AC6600 Administration Password Change

You can change the admin password of your Linksys Velop after setting it. For your information, the Linksys Velop runs on the default password. This password is given on the product’s label and must be changed to secure the Velop system. Here’s how.

In this way, you will be able to change the admin password of your mesh system. This is for your knowledge that the dashboard of the Velop mesh system can also be used to set Linksys Parental Controls for the home network.

How to Reset Linksys Velop AC6600?

You will have to reset the entire mesh system if you face any serious networking issues with any of the Velop node. The steps to reset the main Linksys Velop node are given below. All other nodes will reset automatically.


This is how you can reset a Velop node. The reset process can be used as an ultimate Velop troubleshooting tip to handle all kind of technical issues with Linksys mesh system. However, you have to perform Linksys AC6600 setup once again after that. You can also set your primary node as the secondary and vice-versa.

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